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Add Ons

Recoil Pad, Length Extension Rods, Foldable Stock Adaptor, Picatinny Rail – Forend mount

Recoil Pad in Aluminium for Biathlon, Typhoon FT and T12 FT Stock.
Height: 150 mm
Width: 23 mm
Thickness: 8 mm
Adjustability in Height: 22 mm

Butt hooks are removable and has four different positions in each end where they can be attached.
Part No. 16052C


Length Extension Rods for Biathlon, Typhoon FT and T12 FT Stock.
Length: 84 mm.
Part No. 16067

Foldable Stock adaptor
Suits Dreamline Tactical version and more.
Part No. 20183

Picatinny Rail – Forend mount
Attach to the front end of the stock with two screws (included).
The inside has slightly curved surface to better suit most stocks on the market.
Length: 52 mm
Width: 21 mm
Thickness: 8 mm
Part No. 19592C