A Purpose-Built Air Rifle Made to Win .22LR Precision Rifle Competitions

The FX Panthera is unlike any previous FX Airguns rifle. It is a dedicated slug rifle, purpose-built with precision competition in mind, accelerating the FX Airguns legacy and pushing the boundaries of airgun performance. The Panthera includes technology displaying a generational leap-forward for an airgun. 

Additional information


.177, .22, .25, .30

Barrel Lengths

500mm, 600mm, 700m


300cc Carbon Fibre


Panthera 500


Panthera 600


Panthera 700

New dynamic block

It begins with the new Dynamic Block, a new breech block designed from the ground up for performance slug shooting. The Dynamic Block utilizes a compact one-piece valve. This High-Power / Short-Impulse Valve is extremely efficient while allowing an immense and precise flow of air.

Market-leading plenum design

The plenum design (i.e. Dynamic Plenum) feeding the Panthera is revolutionary and the first of its kind. It is an over-the-barrel plenum which provides a consistent regulated pressurized plenum around the barrel, adding increased rigidity to the barrel as well as allowing multiple plenum lengths to be employed to match the caliber and power of the rifle. Precise levels of pressure are maintained by the single AMP MKII Regulator. Three sizes of plenum will be utilized initially: a Micro Plenum (sub 12ft/lb rifles), Macro Plenum (62cc) & Magnum XL Plenum (156cc). The results of the Dynamic Breech & Plenum are extraordinary!

Testing has yielded constant 10-shot strings with standard deviations in the low 1.0–2.0 range and extreme spreads as low as 3-4. This ability to precisely control airflow paired with the world-class FX Superior STX barrel using premium slugs will yield competition wins, and not just in airgun competitions. .22LR precision shooters will identify the ability to shoot the same BC slugs and weights they are used to, but with the control and standard deviations that only FX Airguns can deliver.

Stock designed for competition

It features a 14.75” long Arca rail complete with M-LOK sections and a barricade block nestled next to the breech (you can achieve an ideal balance point by adding external M-LOK compatible weights or internal FX Barrel Weights that attach under the shroud). The Panthera further fits the shooter using a fully adjustable buttstock and an adjustable cheekpiece that is also ambidextrous.

Winning Features

Air source is a 300cc carbon fiber bottle attached in the rear and is filled via a rear located foster quick disconnect. The Dynamic Block has a larger breech than previous rifles that allows projectiles up to 13mm in length. It uses the Standard Side-Shot Magazine but with a newly designed deeper lid to accommodate longer-length slugs. The FX Panthera employs the Quick Tune System (the same as found on the FX Impact M3), uses a 20MOA Picatinny scope rail, comes standard with a zero-angle AR grip, and has an ambidextrous sidelever cocking handle that is reversible to the left side of the rifle. Dual-angled Manometers on the left side of the block show the bottle pressure and the regulated plenum pressure.


The FX Panthera comes in three configurations, the Panthera 700, Panthera 600 & Panthera 500 (corresponding to barrel length). The Panthera 600 & 700 utilise the FX Superior Heavy STX barrel liner as standard as they have been purpose-built for slug shooting. The Panthera 500 uses the standard FX Superior STX barrel liner that shoots both pellets and lightweight slugs. The rifle allows for the quick change of barrel liners but changing calibers and affixing different barrel lengths to the Panthera can only be done by an authorized FX dealer.

Additional accessories will be offered to further customize the rifle including a bag rider, barrel weights, offset M-LOK weights, smaller profile competition Mini-Mag, Picatinny accessory sections, and an optional tungsten hammer. The new FX Panthera will forever change the precision rifle world. It feels and shoots like a precision 22LR, enjoying straight-back recoil, but with laser-sharp precision and accuracy only found with an FX Airgun!

Additional features:

  • AMP MkII Regulator
  • Externally Adjustable
  • Quick Tune System
  • Micro and macro adjustment of hammer spring tension
Note: Muzzle energy listed in the specifications of each rifle is for maximum setting. Due to differences in regulations the rifle is often produced with a lower muzzle energy from the factory. Contact your dealer for more info about muzzle energy in your state.




Right hand positioned sidelever with an ambidextrous mount to be able to relocate sidelever on left side for left-handed shooters.
Removable high capacity, easy load.
Newly developed deeper lid to accommodate longer length slugs.
Maximum ammunition length, 13 mm (0,51”)
Made in durable injection-moulded POM
21 shot when Cal .177
18 shot when Cal .22
16 shot when Cal .25
13 shot when Cal .30
Recoilpad adjustable in height, angle, and length of pull.
Cheek Piece adjustable in height (ambidextrous mount)
Mount for bag rider.
Zero-angle grip
AR15 mount specifications
Fore End
Arca-Swiss rail. Length 14,75”
M-Lok system® , left and right side.
M-Lok style on the bottom side of the stock.
Top Accessory Mount with possibilities to mount Picatinny rail in five different positions with M-Lok style in each mount position.
Barricade Stop in the end of the Fore End Stock and in the start of the Fore End providing the shooter with
solid grip when shooting from a barricade or other unconventional shooting positions.
CALIBRE 4,5 (.177)
5,5 (.22)
6,35 (.25)
7,62 (.30)
FX Superior STX barrel liner.
Length 500 mm
Superior Heavy STX barrel liner and carbon fibre liner sleeve.
Length 600 mm
Superior Heavy STX barrel liner and carbon fibre liner sleeve.
Length 700 mm
4,5 (.177) N/A
5,5 (.22) 112 shots with 15.89 gr pellet at 870 fps
6,35 (.25) 56 shots with 25.39 gr pellet at 880 fps
7,62 (.30) 37 shots with 44.75 gr pellet at 860 fps
4,5 (.177) N/A
5,5 (.22) 80 shots with 22 gr hybrid slug at 900 fps
6,35 (.25) 60 shots with 26 gr hybrid slug at 900 fps
7,62 (.30) 35 shots with 44.5 gr hybrid slug at 900 fps
4,5 (.177) N/A
5,5 (.22) 90 shots with 22 gr hybrid slug at 900 fps
6,35 (.25) 70 shots with 26 gr hybrid slug at 900 fps
7,62 (.30) 40 shots with 44.5 gr hybrid slug at 900 fps
Max 250 bar (3625 psi)
SAFETY Switch style
Picatinny rail with built in 6 MIL/20 MOA angle
Marked with figures on the right side for easy repositioning of optics.
Built-In Shroud system (variations may occur depending on country).
Dual Angled Gauges:
Air tube pressure WIKA
Regulator pressure WIKA
Adjustable Match Trigger
Trigger blade can be adjusted in reach, height and rotated to set the blade in an angle.
4,5 (.177) N/A
5,5 (.22) up to 95 J – 70 ft/lbs with 34gr slug at 960 fps
6,35 (.25) up to 108 J – 80 ft/lbs with 43.5gr slug at 910 fps
7,62 (.30): up to 150 J – 110 ft/lbs with 64gr slug at 880 fps
4,5 (.177) N/A
5,5 (.22) up to 111 J – 82 ft/lbs with 34 gr pellet at 1040 fps
6,35 (.25) up to 123 J – 91 ft/lbs with 43.5 gr slug at 970 fps
7,62 (.30) up to 176 J – 130 ft/lbs with 64 gr slug at 1020 fps
4,5 (.177) N/A
5,5 (.22) up to 130 J – 96 ft/lbs with 40 gr slug at 1040 fps
6,35 (.25) up to 145 J – 107 ft/lbs with 55.5 gr slug at 930 fps
7,62 (.30) up to 203 J – 150 ft/lbs with 70 gr slug at 982 fps
Note: above figures are maximum FAC Power output using tungsten hammer.
300 cc air cylinder + eventual plenum volume
Carbon fibre wrapped air tank, removable
500: 965 mm – 38″
600: 1118 mm – 44″
700: 1245 mm – 49″
500: 3,5 kg – 7,65 lbs
600: 3,7 kg – 8,10 lbs
700: 3,9 kg – 8,55 lbs
Rear Foster Quick Disconnect, dust cap included.
AMP MkII Regulator
Externally Adjustable
Quick Tune System
Micro and macro adjustment of hammer spring tension
Micro Plenum – Sub 12ft/lb rifles
Macro Plenum – 62 cc
Magnum XL Plenum – 156 cc
500: Macro (micro for sub 12ft/lb)
600: Magnum XL
700: Magnum XL